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Sliced Helps Founders Find, Re-Find, or Expand Their Product/Market Fits

PMF Coaching Service

It Shouldn’t be This Hard to Get Customer Attention...

Your Product Has...

The Market Has...

Compelling tech

There should be a fit, but...

Sales don't close

Engagement is low

Emails get ignored

Renewals are unlikely

Churn is spiking


How Sliced Works

Sliced helps you find the right customers for your product and iterate to PMF. 🌟

1. Diagnosis

We work with your team to understand how deals close, what opportunities get prioritized, how decisions get made, and how your team learns from customers. We help build a foundation of objectivity to ensure learning can be accelerated.

2. Acceleration

We work with your team to accelerate customer interactions–from reachouts to demos to followups. More velocity translates into accelerated learning and a shorter path to PMF. We’re just as impatient as your team is for success.

Acceleration is one thing. Maintaining the accelerated pace is another. We help create the learning backlog, prioritize, run experiments, interact with prospects, and analyze data. Rapid, continuous testing is the key to reaching PMF.

3. Continuous Testing+Validation

Why You’ll Love Sliced

"When my co-founders and I started Loopio, we used Étienne’s Lean B2B principles to guide our actions, especially with customer conversations and research.

This ensured that every line of code we wrote was translated into raw value for our customers—which then translated into precious, early revenue. Understanding how to ask the right questions and listen for insights is critical if you want to maximize the output of your time, and in turn, your product development."

Zak Hemraj

Loopio Co-Founder & CEO
$200M+ Raised | 1,500+ Customers

Zakir Hemraj
Zakir Hemraj

Our Methodologies Are Proven
12+ years helping startups like yours across several industries and sectors.

We Match Your Urgency
We jump in the trenches, get our hands dirty, and match the pace you set.

We’re Discreet + Private
We work with you, your founding team, or key execs. The collaboration can be 100% private.




per month

We help your team find product/market fit for the first time.


Diagnose your sales, product prioritization, and learning processes

Improve the way you learn. Accelerate your customer interactions

Run continuous tests to refine your product and its positioning

Help maintain the accelerated pace until your startup reaches PMF



one-time payment

We find the most compelling market opportunity for your product.


➊ Sort through your existing customer data

➋ Recruit and interview up to 40 current or past customers

➌ Explore and test a series of market opportunities

➍ Guide and assist your team through the realignment

Frequently Asked Questions

What methodology does Sliced use?

Our services build off The Lean B2B Methodology, which helped thousands of startups and scale-ups find or tighten their product/market fits.

What does a regular engagement look like?

Generally, an engagement will start with the analysis of your runway and capabilities. We will follow deals through the pipeline, read/listen to calls/interviews, analyze decisions, dig into learnings, and identify strengths, gaps, and specific challenges. Once the picture is clear, we start accelerating customer interactions, testing, and validation.

You’re not an expert in our industry. Will this work for us?

You are (and will remain) the domain expert in your business. Although there are important nuances in many industries–and sectors we don’t touch (healthcare, military, etc.)–accelerating learning, objectivity, customer interactions, and maintaining that accelerated pace are critical steps to achieve PMF in most sectors.

What type(s) of startups do you typically work with?

Although we sometimes work in B2C, 80% of our work is B2B. We already have experience in several sectors, but for the time being and for the sake of efficiency, we only work with Eastern US and European startups.

In what currency are the fees?

You can pay in Euros or USD. The prices listed above will be adjusted to Euros for companies located in the European Union.

Will I work with Étienne directly?

Yes! Étienne works directly with the founders and their teams (you will not get a surprise junior employee).

I want to speak with someone. Can I book a call?

Yes. You can book a call here.